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We’ve taken what’s great about the Genesis Framework and made one aspect of it much better (and we think safer too!).

Genesis is one of (if not) the best WordPress frameworks you can use.  Using their analogy if you’re not sure what a framework is; WordPress is like the engine of your car, Genesis is the frame and body and themes are the paint job.

What we’ve done with our ‘themes’ is improve the built in search engine optimization benefits that Genesis gives you by default.  Before we explain how let’s look at why tens of thousands of developers (including us) recommend and use Genesis.

  • Genesis is Search Engine Optimized
  • It’s cross-browser compatibility and use of HTML5 makes your site mobile-friendly by being responsive.
  • Once you have it it can be used on an unlimited number of your sites
  • It has great security built in
  • It provide custom widgets and layout options
  • It has a very active developer community
  • and it’s very flexible!

How our themes make Genesis better

By default Genesis gives you good SEO ‘out of the box’.  The framework allows you to turn off unnecessary elements in the document head, add descriptions to your posts and pages, add Google+ publisher settings,  tweak robot meta settings … and it even adds Schema.org markup by default … and that’s where the problem is that we’ve fixed.

How we improved Schema.org markup in Genesis

The easiest way to show you what needed improving is to show you.  This next image shows you how Google’s structured data testing tool sees a post using a standard Genesis theme.

Genesis post markup - annotated snippetLook good .. right?

The main problems with the Genesis framework implementation of Schema.org markup, especially in posts is that it declares a ‘post’ as a ‘webpage’ and also as a ‘blog’.  In reality any web page (post or page) should only have one type or it can confuse the semantic search parsers.  Further more a WordPress post is more like an ‘article’ than a ‘webpage’.

Here’s the improved the Schema.org ‘post’ markup in our Genesis themes.

Our schema post markup - annotated snippet

Let’s look at some of the improvements our themes have.

We changed the WP post format to declare one type – article

On posts we’ve added

  • the itemprop url of the post
  • ‘mentions’ to the header and footer elements
  • image markup for all images in the content loop
  • the discussionurl so people know where to comment
  • interactioncount so the search engines can gauge popularity based on the number of comments
  • the description of the post  if it exists

We’ve also made improvements to the fontpage and WP pages in general.

We love Genesis and are happy to recommend you get it and use it.  As Schema.org markup specialists we’ve just made our Genesis themes use Schema.org in the Genesis framework more effectively.  See for yourself …

Our Genesis Themes include:

: Lots of Schema.org improvements and additions with a choice of five colour palettes.

Project S: More details soon

Project K+: More details soon


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