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Semantic Seduction

Semantic Seduction is no ordinary Genesis theme,  we’ve seriously enhanced and improved the markup that Genesis provide by the default.  Search engines love websites that use schema markup correctly and using this theme will help improve your search results.

Semantic Seduction has been developed by the team at Network Empire and Mutual Advantage and uses the highly recommended StudioPress Genesis framework.  If you don’t already have Genesis you’ll need it to use this theme and you can get your copy of the here.

As with many of our themes, Semantic Seduction was originally developed for the Pro and Enterprise members of Network Empire who use the video silo builder plugin in conjunction with the Krakken vertical online market analysis tool to dominate the niches and web markets they target.

Not only does this theme have significantly more markup than a standard Genesis theme it also comes with a choice of five colour pallets which allows you to use it on your main website or as one of your personal broadcast network sites.

When you use this theme with the methods and tools available to Network Empire members you are almost guaranteed high search rankings, improved click through rates and bigger profits.

If you haven’t seen or heard of Network Empire yet, go have a look and grab your membership while you can.  The training has been described as ‘the Harvard of internet marketing’ and you get access to research and website development tools which make getting better results than your competition easier than you would believe possible.  You also get all of our other semantically enhanced Genesis WordPress themes at heavily discounted prices.

Find out why you’ll love Semantic Seduction or grab it now using the link below.

Get this theme now.

Remember this is a Genesis Theme and you need to have the Genesis Framework installed on you blog for Semantic Seduction to work. If you don’t have Genesis yet you can get it here (link opens in a new window). To order the Semantic Seduction theme either: click on the button below or see the special offer below this button and save yourself $19.99 😉

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