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Why You’ll Love The Semantic Seduction Theme

Semantic Seduction – A Genesis WordPress theme with improved and enhanced markup for website owners who want improved search results, more visitors &  better profits.
Initial Release Date: March 4, 2014
Current Version: 1.0.0 – Released: March 04, 2014
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Why you’ll love the Semantic Seduction Theme

The Semantic Seduction theme enhances the semantic markup of the standard by correcting and adding additional mark-up to your site. Using this theme ensures you get the best possible chance of rich snippets being displayed in the SERP’s which improves your search visibility leading to improved CTR and profits. Developed by the semantic team at Mutual Advantage and Network Empire this theme is smart and will display the appropriate markup for each page type below  automatically:

  • Your home page
  • Your about page
  • Your contact us page
  • Standard WordPress pages
  • Standard WordPress posts
  • Search pages

By default Semantic Seduction also corrects, improves or adds mark-up for:

  • Your page and post headlines –
  • The description of your pages and posts – see below
  • Your pages main content area
  • Your posts main content area
  • Images in posts and pages content area
  • The URL of your page or post
  • The URL where to reply with comments
  • The comment interaction count – how many people have left comments
Post & Page description markup

We’ve adapted the Genesis’ powerful meta description function to markup and add your post or page description into the content loop.

Choice of Five Colour Palettes

In addition to the standard Genesis default colour scheme, Semantic Seduction gives you four additional colour schemes to use.

Semantic Seduction Green colour schemeSemantic Seduction blue colour schemeSemantic Seduction red colour scheme

Semantic Seduction orange colour scheme

Even the standard theme looks great.

Standard semantic seduction colour scheme

Unlimited Site Use

Until we come to our senses, unlike some themes where you need to buy a license for each site you want to use your theme with, you currently get an unlimited personal use license with Semantic Seduction.  Buy it once and if you have 100 sites you can use it on all of them.

* We reserve the right to remove unlimited personal use at any point.
** You will need to order a license for each of your clients sites.

Free updates

We’re also going to be adding to and improving this theme and you’ll get free updates for at least the next 12 months during this launch period.

Get this theme now.

Remember this is a Genesis Theme and you need to have the Genesis Framework installed on you blog for Semantic Seduction to work. If you don’t have Genesis yet you can get it here (link opens in a new window).To order the Semantic Seduction theme either: click on the button below or see the special offer below this button and save yourself $19.99 😉

Click to buy now for $39.97

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