Semantic Child Themes

Semantic Pinboard

Our first commercially available theme is Semantic Pinboard – It’s a child theme based on Pinboard that enhances your site by adding mark-up which the search engines are crying out for.  Start using this and you’ll see search engine benefits such as enhanced rich snippets in the SERP’s and if you get everything else right you’ll also see higher rankings as well.

Find out more about the Semantic Pinboard Theme

Semantic 2014

Then we took a theme you already have and made it much better. Semantic 2014 is a child theme of the standard Twentyfourteen theme that ships with WordPress. In fact this site is using Semantic 2014 (yup .. we eat our own dog-food) ‘cos it’s that good.

Like all of our themes it’s packed with essential markup and then some.  The search engines love a well marked up site and having good markup with good content will help you get enhanced search listings which will lead to more visitors to your site.

You can find out more about Semantic 2014 and download it here.

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