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Semantic Pinboard

The Semantic Pinboard theme is/was our first commercially available theme for WordPress which has been marked up with items, types and properties.

Semantic Pinboard is a child theme developed from the very popular Pinboard theme (originally designed by the folks at Themify) for use by the Pro and Enterprise members of Network Empire who are using the automatic video silo builder in conjunction with the Krakken vertical online market analysis tool to financially dominate niches and web markets.

– You’ll need the original theme if you want to take advantage of the SEO benefits our child derivative gives so click the Pinboard link and grab it (unless you’ve already got it).

– BTW, if you’re not already a member of Network Empire yet, grab your membership while you can.  Apart from getting training which has been described as ‘the Harvard of internet marketing’ and having access to tools which make crushing your competition easier than you would believe, you get all of our other semantically enhanced WordPress child themes at heavily discounted prices – or even free  with some of our advanced courses 😉

Important Note: The Semantic Pinboard child theme has been replaced by Semantic PinVid which is a stand-alone theme.

What’s New in Semantic Pinboard and makes it exciting?
The Semantic Pinboard Changelog

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