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Whats New in the Semantic Pinboard Theme

Important Update: The Semantic Pinboard Child theme has been replaced with Semantic PinVid,  a stand-alone theme which has other enhancements and benefits.  You can order it here.

Initial release: Semantic Pinboard – A child theme for the Pinboard Theme
Date: January 7, 2014
Current Version: 1.0.5 – Released: February 04, 2014
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How To Update Notes: Important – Backup your PinBoard settings or you will lose them.  Then either click the auto-update button or download the latest version, unpack the file and upload via FTP. Then reimport your settings.

The initial release of our Semantic Pinboard theme enhances the original Pinboard theme by adding conditional mark-up to ensure you get the best possible chance of improving your search rankings and benefiting from rich snippets being displayed in the SERP’s.

This video demonstrates how the Semantic Pinboard child theme intelligently adds relevant markup to posts and pages, your about us page and your contact us page and your search results pages. Having your site marked up correctly will enhance your search listings which in turn can lead to more people visiting your website when Google and other search engines apply rich snippets to your quality content.

This theme is smart and differentiates between:

  • Your home page
  • Your about page
  • Your contact us page
  • Standard pages
  • Standard posts
  • Search pages

displaying the appropriate markup for each page type.

Semantic Pinboard also adds by default mark-up for:

  • Post and page author’s name
  • Your pages main content area
  • Your posts main content area
  • Page and post published date
  • Your Page and post headlines
  • Images in posts and pages
  • Post and page comments
  • Interaction count for likes
  • Segments each individual user comment
  • Corrects hatom-feed errors in the original theme

and if that’s not enough to whet your appetite Semantic Pinboard also:

  • Segments the home page so that every post or page becomes a webpageelement in it’s own right
  • – making each post or page ‘pin’ a property in it’s own right with individual markup for:- the image, the headline,  the URL link, the author’s name, the

AND Semantic Pinboard also

  • Enhances your sites search results
  • – making each search result a property in it’s own right with individual markup for:
  • – the image, the headline,  the URL link, the author’s name, the post/page description and the date published



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This made getting good markup easy

I'm not a coder and the thought of adding all of that code into my blog by hand was putting me off. This theme made it easy. Easy to install, nothing to do, it just worked. Thanks so much.